Just outside the magical town of Little Moon, Elephant Gerald and his quirky krewe
of musical friends find themselves in one scrape after another as a scheming
alligator tries to foil their dreams of fame and fortune.

     On a slow moving Louisiana river sits the home of Elephant Gerald and his momma, Miss Ella. A sign on their dock says, "You got to love the music!"  Just up river and 'round a crescent shaped bend, a boardwalk hugs the village of Little Moon.

    At first glance a sleepy village, but past the fruit stand and shop of voodoo keepsakes, there is the lively music hall, "Miss Kitty's Playce." Saunter through the doors and into the eye-poppin', foot stompin' revelry of Miss Kitty's famous spot where the good times roll.

    Elephant Gerald and his best friends Django Rhinoceros & John Cole Crane create a hullabaloo as they jam out a jazzy New Orleans beat backed up by their "krewe" of players. Their band dreams of one day making it to the Big Easy. Not only do their own antics get in the way, but the sneaky, scheming, scoundrel Cajungator would be giddy-glad to rid the swamp of Gerald’s musical menagerie so he can be the King of Swing.

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Created by Robert J. & Jill E.B. Conaway, Illustrations by Glenn Fuller
Elephant Gerald® 2009, All other charcters TM 2011, original music & writings  © 2011
All Rights Reserved, TM, ® & © 2012 Elephant Gerald Holdings, LLC