Elephant Gerald and all his friends would only exist in our minds were it not for the brilliant illustrations of Glenn Fuller. From the first pencil drawings to the detailed full color artistry you see on this site, Glenn has put in countless hours to make the fine details reveal each character's personality. Glenn is a midwestern artist who has taken obsessive-compulsive doodling to commercial illustration and fine art. Currently helping visualize ideas and concepts for Fortune 500 companies, he lives in a small town in Wisconsin with his family, dog, and bicycles. To see more of Glenn's brilliant work, click on a link below.


The original songs you hear on this website were written by Robert J. Conaway for the Elephant Gerald series. We would like to thank master jazz pianist and composer Dwight Fitch of Celebration Church in New Orleans, and all of his fabulous musicians for recording "The Elephant Gerald Theme Song" & "That's Where Your Mojo Is" with Robert J.

Many thanks to the incomparable Mary Gaines for her swooning vocals on the theme song.

As Elephant Gerald says...

"You got to love the music!"

For more viewing of Glenn Fuller's illustrations and the Elephant Gerald theme song, view our YouTube video:

 Glenn's commercial and artistic illustrations can be found at: