In their last lifetime together, circa 1910s, the partners of Elephant Gerald Holdings, LLC led a gypsy-style life of debauchery and mayhem traveling in their unorthodox circus throughout the backwater towns of Louisiana. But what sealed their fate into this next lifetime was their witness to the birth of a new musical genre called Jazz. What happened to the troupe is now local legend, the truth buried deep in the black swampy waters of the bayou and the séance parlor of Madam LeTreux. But before their great demise, they made a pact to one day meet again in the next lifetime and tell their story of wild animals tamed by their musical talents and ability to speak.

The Elephant Gerald story has been re-born by creators Robert J. and Jill E.B. Conaway, once the band leader and bareback rider of the early circus. A midnight happenstance in a back alley by Royal Street in 2007 reunited the former trapeze artist, Susan Wentz, and tightrope walker Terry O'Neal with their former circus partners. The 21st century gypsies, now armed with business savvy in the entertainment world, considered it the right time and place to reveal their century-old pact to bring the trumpet playing elephant and his 'krewe' of mismatched bandmates to life.

At first reluctant to bring the albino Cajungator (the cause of their demise, according to Madam LeTreaux) into the stories, the partners knew the tale could not be complete without the conniving villain.  And so the stories begin...

Created by Robert J. & Jill E.B. Conaway, Illustrations by Glenn Fuller

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