Elephant Gerald

The best horn player to ever blow his nose, Elephant Gerald is the leader of "the krewe." His fellow jazz-stompin' blues-wailin' animal friends practice at "The Playce" in hopes of one day playing in the Big Easy...and maybe one day a World Wide Tour! Gerald just needs the confidence to see that he is just as good as anyone else to lead the band to the big time.

John Cole Crane

The slapstick comedian John Cole Crane flips, flaps, and flies his way through the sky carrying his saxophone stork-style.  John's one track mind is always on his music, leaving him easily distracted about anything else going on around him. But his innocence and charm become his endearing qualities.

Django Rhinoceros

Django slides onto the scene with a guitar slung over his shoulder, ready to wail on a blues riff or jam out a funky jazz tune. Despite all his guitar talent, his secret dream is to be able to dance. He's a little jealous of Billie Goat Holiday's ability to glide on the dance floor to the tango.  To his dismay, Django just can't tango.


Miss Ella

Gerald's mama belts out the best blues ballads in the Louisiana bayou. She's protective of her boy, but keeps a good eye on the rest of the band. Miss Ella's instinct about the newcomer to the swamp, the seemingly charming Cajungator, is right as rain, and she does her best to keep the scheming gator away from the krewe. Matronly and loving, everyone looks up to Miss Ella.


Cajungator is the wiley albino alligator who grew up on the wrong side of the swamp. He dreams of being a famous musician, kicking Elephant Gerald and his band of friends out of the limelight. Curator of the Who Do Voodoo Novelty Shoppe, the dank and dusty store that is a cover for his more dastardly plans, and his excuse to keep an eye on Gerald and Miss Ella. One of his many weaknesses is the spell he falls under when he hears Miss Ella or Billie sing. A woman's voice makes him buckle at the knees. Cajungator's sidekicks are his not-so-bright nephews who, despite trying to act like gangsters, end up looking like the three stooges.


Other Characters:

Billie Goat Holiday

Buddy Ostrich

Grizzly Gillespie

Bunny Goodman

With the supporting band of a sassy, swooning goat, a feather-flying drumming ostrich, a large loveable trumpeting bear, and a high-philosophizing-clarinet-playing bunny, Elephant Gerald's band works together to make their big dreams come true. Each character has his or her own fears, quirks, & humorous characteristics that add to the stories. Little do they know that their antics are what foil the Cajungator's big plans. With engaging, funny stories & catchy tunes, the music becomes their common chord, and their personalities create a memorable harmony.

Created by Robert J. & Jill E.B. Conaway, Illustrations by Glenn Fuller

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