A Sampling of Scripts

“That’s Where Your Mojo Is”
Gerald meets John Cole Crane in a catchy sort of way, becoming fast friends as they go on a quest to find John's lost mojo. Now that he's met a fellow jazz musician, will John ever get the chance to play with Gerald's band?

"The River Beast"
A day fishing on the river turns alarming as Gerald, Django, and Billie watch John being pulled down the river by an alligator, or perhaps worse, the river beast of lore, Big Ike.

"The Who Do Voodoo Novelty Shop"
Elephant Gerald is determined to get John Cole Crane a good luck charm, even if it means stepping into the creepy shop owned by the supposedly harmless Cajungator. Miss Billie is lured into the lair of the albino aligator with the promise of a pretty pink purse, but Cajungator has other plans for her.

“What a Little Moonlight Will Do”
The krewe has a chance to play their first night performance, but Billie Goat Holiday’s fear of the dark could prevent it from happening. Cajungator adds a spooky voodoo song to help her fears along in his attempt to take the band's place on stage.

“Elephant Gerald Blows His Nose”
Elephant Gerald tries to boost the confidence of a young new musician, Mules Davis, by telling him the story of how he learned to blow his nose, and in the process, discovered his musical talent.

“New Orleans, Part I: The St. James Mansion”
Despite Miss Ella’s warnings, the kids go exploring in New Orleans and get lured into the haunted “St. James Mansion.”  With skeletons in the basement and a maze of creepy rooms, Cajungator is sneaking around to make sure they never escape.

“New Orleans, Part II: Ain’t Misbehavin’”
Gerald is in big trouble with his mama for misbehavin’ especially after the band barely escaped the spooky mansion. But even under Miss Ella's watchful eye, the krewe is in trouble when Cajungator and his low life friends try to sabotage their plans. Will they get their big chance to play at the famous Preservation Jazz Hall?

“Mud Pie”
Elephant Gerald and his friends struggle through a swampy maze to rescue his mother, who gets trapped by Cajungator. Little does the gator know that Miss Ella is just as crafty, and sassy Billie Goat Holiday is braver than anyone ever knew.

“The Audition”

In a swampy version of American Idol, Miss Ella, Mooey LaMieux, and Miss Kitty judge Elephant Gerald and the krewe for the honor of being the house band of “Miss Kitty's Playce.” Meanwhile, the scheming Cajungator tries to rig the competition so he wins.

Created by Robert J. & Jill E.B. Conaway, Illustrations by Glenn Fuller

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